witch Zhu Zhu pet are you

i think people are smart and they are so awesome. i hope you like this quiz

ever wondered witch zhu zhu pet you are take this quiz to find out witch one you are

Created by: lc4cat

  1. do you like little kids
  2. have you ever wanted be a cheerleader?
  3. what do you like to do after school
  4. you want some peace and quit where do go
  5. whats your favorite color?
  6. you just saw your biggest crush wink at you how do you react?
  7. i just got invited to a huge party i
  8. you have so much homework how do you deal with it
  9. you need a new wardrobe how do you get the clothes
  10. just wondering did you like this quiz? this doesn't effect your answer

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Quiz topic: Witch Zhu Zhu pet am I