Are you a REAL witch?

Take care... ONLY take this quiz if you are a real witch. Of course, I can't stop you if you're not, but do you know just how much it takes to be a real witch?

Yes I mean a real, genuine witch. If you do know, why are you here? Ah, of course, to make the acquaintance of another guaranteed, 100% genuine witch - myself! But if you don't know, why, go ahead and find out!

Created by: Nemesis
  1. So, ARE you a real witch?
  2. What would be your ideal residence? (Choose wisely...)
  3. What do you do/ would you do in your job?
  4. And what is/would be your aim in life?
  5. Right, enough of that. Are you or are you not a witch? Answer me truthfully...
  6. Are you lying?
  7. You'd better not be. Or who can say what the consequences will be? Black or white?
  8. When pursued by a more powerful being, what is your plan of action?
  9. What is your garb? (That's stuff you wear, or clothes - and yes witches always talk like this, especially when they're very, very old...)
  10. Your most powerful weapon is:
  11. Farewell. We may meet again...

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Quiz topic: Am I a REAL witch?