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  • Really, SpencerUtica, you're not very polite, are you? Although I agree there is no such thing as a witch (in the sense that most people mean it), I should venture to mention that you did take the quiz in the first place (as did I, therefore, Nemesis (if you read this), I make no complaint as to my result), and should therefore realise that the subject of the quiz was not only witches, but real witches. Although I fail to comprehend the references in your comment, I nevertheless get the gist of it, and thus feel obliged to point out that 'tis hardly kind in you to address someone thus, especially if they are, as seems probable, an infant considerably youger than your good self. A polite reminder of the non-existence of witches would, I feel, be far more effective. Pray forgive me for pointing out the error of your ways. I trust you will bear me no grudge.

  • Okay, this is literally one of thee DUMBEST quizzes I have EVER taken. To know what a witch is know the background first of all. Do you even know what the craft entails? Instead your questions we're more interested in cloaks and pointy hats actually witches are naked during rituals. But you didn't know that did you. You idiot.

  • Haha sweetie, "fake witch" as MY result. You're funny. I've been shoulder deep in witchcraft my whole life. I'm just curious to see what the average person would say in a quiz made for witches. HaHa this is some funny s---

  • Im not giving up witches is my life I know I am not a witch but I always act like it I always try to do spell even if it won't work but I'm trying to say is I won't never give up on you got that !!!!!

  • I don't think there is a way to be a witch in this its either u dont need a test if u know ur a witch I think this was a good test BC every other test ppl say they r a witch and witches are rare and don't want to be known to be honest I don't think there is a way to get 80 or 100 percent witch she's being realistic. Pls reply

    Yolo WOOO
  • lol this girl thinks witches exist. lol You must be 15 and just discovered wicca exist. Let me guess, you also carry Tarot cards around too, don't ya?

    If you actually believe you're a witch, you're sofa king retarded.

    See what I did there?

  • hey listen you quiz is good but yeah here is a thing i really need your help you know i would be great if you would comment me back plzz plzz contact back and if i hurt your feelings in any way then i am really sorry

    Rashi Khare
  • You are an idiot because guess what I am a real witch and I run a shop and it says Im trying hard like what is that?

  • This was interesting. And somewhat fun. Thanks!

  • Seriously whoever did this quiz is stupid as s--- haha dummy

  • That was disappointing!So mote it shall be

  • Your an idiot

  • lol everyones freaking out when all she did was make it so you could get any answer but real witch. If you really dont know and wanna find out, dont take an online quiz. Chill.

  • That was stupid as f--- how the hell can you give an answer and say yes you talk like that when your very old, WELL BABY YOU DONT NEED TO BE MAKING NO QUIZZES ONLINE!! Point blank. good day.

  • i am a real witch i have been seeing my self use spells ever since i was born

  • Why are you asking us if we are witches when really we took the quiz to find out if we are. Doof


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