what kind of anime would you be in?

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hi,welcome to the quiz.(:this quiz is telling you what anime genre you belong in.there are 5 possible answers you can get,but youll have to take the quiz to find out what they are(;

so,will you take my challange to find out where you belong in the world of anime?i hope you enjoy(:rate and commentand remember if you have smething mean to say,dont say it at all(;enjoy!

Created by: iggy

  1. answer this
  2. ok choose an anime(srry if u dont know any of these)
  3. ok so...what do u like to do saturday
  4. stero-type?
  5. now then...yes maybe or no
  6. can you finish this quiz or need inspiration?
  7. anyways...hows your family?
  8. are u alone in life?
  9. so...u like school?
  10. uu enjoy this quiz so far?
  11. last question.you hope youll get...

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