How Cliché Is Your Anime Hero?

Anime has been around for quite a while now, more than 50 years, in fact! But when a media has been around for so long, clichés in those media are bound to be made. But what is a cliché? In this case, it's a certain situation or sentence that's been used so much that it's simply overused. But characters can also be clichéd...

... And I'm here to find out if your anime hero is clichéd or not. If you wanna know if your anime hero is clichéd or not, this is the quiz to take!

Created by: Jakob Nielsen
  1. Did your hero gain his/her power or did he/she have them since birth?
  2. What kind of power does your hero have?
  3. Did your character get summoned to another world?
  4. Is your character some kind of prophecy, a "chosen one", for an example?
  5. Where does/did your character live semi-permanently?
  6. What age is your character?
  7. What gender is your hero?
  8. Is your character human? In this case, disregard their powers.
  9. Does your characters name mean that he's/she's special in some ancient, fictional language?
  10. Why does your character fight?
  11. Does your character fight?
  12. Is your character great at one or more martial arts?
  13. Is your character conveniently good at something (example: in the anime "Dog Days", the main character is great at acrobatics and using a staff, both which conveniently come to use in the story)?
  14. Is your character intelligent?
  15. What is your characters general personality.
  16. Last question: do you think your character is clichéd? This question will not affect your result.

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Quiz topic: How Cliché Is my Anime Hero?