how into anime are you?

Almost everyone has seen some type of anime at some point in their life. From dragon ball to pokemon, many people like me, enjoy various types of anime. The un anime edgucated should run and hide now, before its too late...

How into anime are YOU? How much do YOU know? What can YOUR mind comprehend? Do YOU have what it takes? CAN YOU BE AN OTAKU?!?!? All these questions and much more, answered in this short, creative, testing, QUIZ!

Created by: MRSotaku
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  1. In dragonball Z, who do the crowd think defeated Cell in the Cell games?
  2. In the anime Black butler, Ceil turns into a what at the end of season 2?
  3. In Naruto, which hidden village is Garra originaly from?
  4. In the anime Inuyasha, Inuyasha himself is half _____ and half _____
  5. In the anime death note, who is really kira?
  6. In pokemon, which of the following is a legindary pokemon?
  7. In bleach, what are the soulreapers wepons called?
  8. In bakugan, which of these heros of the anime is tigraras brawler?
  9. In yu-gi-oh, the original series, who is the main character?
  10. In Ouran High School Host Club, who does Haruhi end up with? (this is in the last episode btw)
  11. Have You ever read a Manga?
  12. How often do you wach anime?

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Quiz topic: How into anime am I?