what type of anime are you?

WHAT ANIME ARE YOU!!!! lol i made this quiz for fun and to maybe help some people to find the right anime for them. my friends say im an anime geek so i did a quiz on what i kno best. anime.

tired of not knowing wat anime to choose cause u thing its not you? well take this quiz and find out! it will help u kno whether ur a ninja anime, romantic anime, vampire anime, spritual anime, or magical anime.

Created by: victoria

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  1. you go to the movies with ur friends. what movie do you go see?
  2. you go to the movies with ur friends. what type of movie do u go see?
  3. color represent your personality. Which are you?
  4. if u could have anything on this list, which would it be?
  5. choose an anime
  6. in almost any anime there are animals to follow up. which is ur fave?
  7. choose ur fave time of the day
  8. what type of parings do u like?
  9. what is more cute?
  10. which of these words do u understand?

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Quiz topic: What type of anime am I?