Anime Love Story- Which Anime Boy Do You End Up With?

I have to admit, that all the anime boys i have chosen for this quiz are extremely hot. Yes i know, i seem like a very anime crazy girl and too into these anime worlds, but that's just who i am.

I hope you enjoyed doing my quiz and if you want a second part to this quiz please say so! Thanks so much. Please give me feedback as to what i should improve on. And if you do want to have a second part to this quiz, what would you like to have included in it?

Created by: anjeweljar
  1. You are starting at a new school and when you walk into the class, there are three extremely handsome guys. One of them is called Daisuke, who has spiky red hair. The other one is called Sasuke who has dark blue hair. And the other is named Akito who has dirty blonde hair. Then there is one next to them who is being a complete fool. He is being stupid and he is spiky blonde hair. His name is Naruto. You have a choice to sit next to one of them... who do you choose?
  2. After class, you are sitting by yourself when the very dim- witted and annoying Naruto comes and sits next to you. He offers to be your friend and stand by yourself. What do you say?
  3. When it is time to go home, Daisuke offers to walk you back home. He is very cheery but he falls over on the way to you since he is such a clutz. What do you do?
  4. You are sitting by the window doing homework when you look out. You see Sasuke practicing ninja skills and he is doing them really well. What do you do?
  5. The next day at school, you see Akito and his group of friends bullying another boy. What do you do?
  6. One day, the four boys suddenly turn up at your house. What do you do?
  7. No matter what you do, they all stay whether you wanted them or not. You are on the couch when suddenly Akito comes in and says, "I love you", and kisses you passionately on the lips. What do you do?
  8. Akito walks out to get some water then Daisuke walks in. He trips over again and gets up and starts blushing. He sits next to you and gives you a great gigantic romantic bear hug. What do you do?
  9. Daisuke walks out, still blushing and in comes Sasuke, who is shirtless. he says it's stuffy in here. You can't help but notice his muscles and how fit he looks when he comes to sit next to you. What do you do?
  10. Sasuke walks out to put the air con on when Naruto walks in. He sits next to you and kisses you lightly. At the same time, he accidentally farts. What do you do?
  11. The next day, it is girl's choice to pick for the prom. All the boys ask you to go, but you can only choose one, who do you choose?
  12. At the prom, you notice Akito is crying. You ask him why and he said, "He's sister called him a demon". What do you do?
  13. At the prom, Daisuke is walking to you and bringing you a drink. But as usual, he accidentally trips and spills the drinks on you. He goes completely red and apologetic, what do you do?
  14. You sit down with a juice-stained dress. Naruto comes by and asks why you have a wet dress (he doesn't notice that it is juice... of course being Naruto) What do you do?
  15. Still sitting down with a wet dress, you notice Sasuke comes to sit near you. He doesn't look at you. What do you do?
  16. This is the last question. Depending on how this quiz goes, i may or may not continue with making this. So please give me feedback! Okay last question. Research Akito Hayama, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, and Daisuke Niwa. Then who do you think is the best looking (if you don't want to research just choose, i can't be bothered)

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Quiz topic: Anime Love Story- Which Anime Boy do I End Up With?