Are you an Anime Geek?

Welcome to my quiz and hello! My name is Majin Gogeta! I will be your quiz personage for the next few minutes. Please take your time with each answer as you want the best possible result!

This will test you in your devotion and love for anime! If you are truly a fan you will receive the title of " Anime Geek! " If not then i will come to your house and kick your dog! Im just kidding, i love you all!

Created by: Dave
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  1. First question. This one will be simple, Do you know what an Otaku is?
  2. How many Anime have you seen?
  3. Have you ever been to a Con?
  4. If so, How many you been to?
  5. Which Anime do you prefer out of the Choices?
  6. Do you own any weapon, item, etc. replicas from any anime?
  7. You prefer sub to dub.
  8. How many episodes of anime do you have memorized line for line?
  9. You buy all anime based video games, no matter how horrible the game or anime.
  10. Okay, you made it this far! Last Question! Is pocky a food group?

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Quiz topic: Am I an Anime Geek?