are you a geek?

alot of us have geek in them a few more than expected! answer all the questions truthfully and see if you are a true geek! do you like are you more sporty? are you more geek? are you just totally random! lets find out!

are you geek? it could be surprising how much of a geek you are without knowing have you got an addiction to runescape or adventure quest or enjoy a nice game of freecell on your multiplatnum laptop!? what are you full of? take the quizz and see!

Created by: jess
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. you play runescape
  2. you call people a noob instead of cussing at them or beating them up
  3. you have atleast one of the following
  4. what do u want 2 b when u grow up
  5. what conditions do you have?
  6. your favourite game is
  7. you have alot of....
  8. do u get top marks and grades in every subject?
  9. what sort of clothes do you wear
  10. do you consider yourself "fashionally disabled"?
  11. do you own a segway?

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Quiz topic: Am I a geek?