How Much Does Sasuke Like You?

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Naruto is a legendary Anime featuring ninjas. It is one of the best and most popular anime of all the time . You all would know Sasuke if you watch Naruto so here's a quiz!

How much (in percentage) does Sasuke Uchiha likes you ? Most Girls go gaga over him so I was wondering how much Sasuke would gaga over you , to find out take this quiz.

Created by: THE GUY
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  1. Do you like the color blue?
  2. Select a rival for yourself-
  3. Select a clan for yourself-
  4. Who do you prefer as your elder brother?
  5. Sensei?
  6. Sasuke or Naruto?
  7. Ramen or Tomatoes.
  8. One word for sakura-
  9. Hair color
  10. One word for Itachi.
  11. RPG: If you see Sasuke staring at you -
  12. SasuNaru or SasuSaku ?
  13. If ever Sasuke happens to kiss you what do you do?

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