Who Are You? What Are You?

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This quiz finds your inner personality. And helps in no way but a form of relaxation and time to concentrate. If you don't know some of the questions because of the anime... Please look them up or guess with your inner most knowledge.

Through the methods of gaming and anime. With these two methods I have created this quiz with an hour of my precious time... When gaming your strategies come in and anime has all sort of experiences I recommend watching all 500 episodes of Naruto so you can catch up on Baruto.

Created by: Link
  1. What Pokemon are you?
  2. What character are you from Naruto?
  3. What character are you from bleach?
  4. What kind of game do you like?
  5. You watch a scary movie what is your reaction.
  6. What game do you like best?
  7. What kind of character would you be in an anime?
  8. Would you be the type of person to...
  9. Playing a new game would you...
  10. When in school do you...
  11. What kind of music do you like?
  12. You see someone fighting what do you do?
  13. Do you consider yourself...
  14. Who are you in Steven Universe?
  15. In the anime My Hero Academia who are you?
  16. Who are you in Tokyo ghoul?
  17. Who are you in Attack on Titans?
  18. How do you look at murders?
  19. In a game are you a...
  20. Last but not least! When in a game are you the...

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Quiz topic: Who am I? What am I?