What Would You Look Like As An Anime? (Guys Only)

Anime is a cool type of Japanese filming and drawing. Some characters make you cringe just by looking at them. Others, you like the way they look and wonder if you would look like them. How do you think you look as an anime character?

Well wonder no more! I've created a quiz that will figure out how you would look if YOU were in an anime! Would you look like you do now? Would you look completely different than you thought you would? Remember, this is just from MY point of view. You can make yourself look however you want!

Created by: MusicMaster
  1. What's your favorite color? (I know, cliche question. But it WILL affect results!)
  2. What do you find yourself doing on a Saturday?
  3. Favorite food?
  4. How would you react if your most prized possession was stolen?
  5. Do you text\email your crush a lot?
  6. Favorite movie\TV show? (Or closest one)
  7. Favorite holiday?
  8. Which stereotype do you think would work for you?
  9. Which do you prefer? Day or night?
  10. Do you need a calendar to check important dates?
  11. Which is your favorite season?

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