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  • You are the goth. Now, I'm not saying you ARE one, but if you were in an anime, you would be one. You have dark, if not, black hair. Short in the back, long in the front and styled in a punk rock kind of way. You wear black or graffiti T-shirts and a black, heavy, knee-legnth trenchcoat unbottoned over it. Black, ripped skinny jeans and tall, combat boots. A few chains hang off your coat and pants. You always carry your pocketknife. Stay cool.

    I'm a girl but I took it anyway. I do not refuse anime quizzes

  • Whatever this was boring anyways

  • 88% Shy Guy
    I liked it. :D

  • I got the good-looking guy, to be honest I'm surprized.

  • 93% shy guy


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