Are you a Yu-Gi-Oh! expert?

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Do you think you really know Yu-Gi-Oh? From the very first minute and the ending scene? Lets test it with this little pay-attention kind of quiz. It asks about those simple moments that made a big deal.

Through the series, Yu-Gi-Oh was a constant action-packed anime. From saving the world to helping your friends, its got it there. This quiz tests how well you've watched the card gaming anime!

Created by: Ally

  1. Which card is NOT in Yugi's deck?
  2. Why does Joey go to Duelist Kingdom? (specifically)
  3. What happened when Yugi's millenium puzzle was stolen?
  4. Which of Yugi's friend was mind-controlled and made to duel against him?
  5. Who dueled against Yami and made him lose Yugi's soul?
  6. What happened after Joey's duel against Valon?
  7. Who did Joey first duel at the Championships?
  8. Which is NOT one of the millenium items?
  9. What was Yugi's wish when he put together the milenium puzzle?
  10. What is the spirit's real name?
  11. What happened after the spirit left for the After life?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Yu-Gi-Oh! expert?