Are you an expert on wolves?

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So, do you think you're an expert on wolves? Then take this quiz! Then you'll see if you really are a wolf expert or not. No offense if you get a bad score, please. :)

Created by: Nakita
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  1. First, an easy question - which of these is not a possible fur color?
  2. Another easy one - what is the lowest rank in a wolf pack?
  3. What is the biggest reason that wolves are persecuted, are somewhat endangered, and now mainly live in forests and tundra?
  4. About how many wolves are normally in a pack?
  5. Do all packs have a beta and an omega?
  6. An easy one - What are the male and female who are in charge of the pack called?
  7. True or false: Wolves are the most vocal of all dogs
  8. True or false: Wolves are the largest of all dogs
  9. The main reason wolves howl is...
  10. True or false: Wolves are smarter than domestic dogs
  11. True or false: Wolves mate for life
  12. True or false: Wolves only live in cold weather
  13. True or false: Tapeworms are most commonly found in wolves.
  14. True or false: Wolves are more likely to get rabies than domestic dogs.
  15. True or false: the endangered red wolf can only be found in South Carolina, in the U.S.A.
  16. Can wolves be found in Asia?
  17. True or false: The Alpha female and Alpha Male are the only pair allowed to have pups.
  18. Last question! Uh...I'm running out of werewolves real?

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Quiz topic: Am I an expert on wolves?