How well do you know about wolves?

Welcome, stranger, to a wolf quiz! This quiz will test your knowledge about wolves and a tiny bit about dogs. This is created to my greatest of knowledge about wolves.

Now, do you know a bit about wolves? How great are you? Should you be reading more about wolves? Are you an expert or a novice? Take the quiz to find out and have fun!

Created by: Amarakk

  1. Are wolves social animals?
  2. Where will you most likely to find a Grey Wolf?
  3. What type of habitat will they be in?
  4. Who is allowed to mate in a pack?
  5. Grey Wolves are bigger than any other wolves.
  6. How successful are wolves when hunting?
  7. Wolves bay at the moon.
  8. What group is not in a regular pack?
  9. Who gets first bite out of the kill?
  10. Canis Lupis is ansesters of Canis Lupis Familiaris.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about wolves?