How well do you know wolves?

There are people that know about wolves and there are Pros at knowing info. But there are only some in this big world! Hmm...I don't there is a lot, right?**

Are you are Pro at knowing info abou wolves? Take this quiz! But it doesn't have all the info about wolves so really if you get doesn't mean you are a pro at knowing all the info!

Created by: Keira

  1. How many teeth do wolves have?
  2. What do wolves eat?
  3. What is a pack territory size?
  4. How strong are a gray wolves' jaws?
  5. What is the scientific designation for the species of wolf commonly known as the Gray Wolf?
  6. How far can gray wolves travel in one day to find food?
  7. What ranks lead the pack well the alphas are gone?
  8. Are Alphs the highest rank in a wolf pack?
  9. Do we need wolves?
  10. Wolves communicate with body language and with sound. What are the four main sounds wolves make that we have recognized?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know wolves?