Do you know Belgium or have you no culture

There are few smart americans but even fewer cultivated ones... Eccept for the natives of course. Prove yourself, please, I have lost all hope in humanity! Thank you come again.

Are YOU the rare breed of cultivated americans that I have been looking for all my life? Prove yourself! If I find a smart one I will abandon everything and live amongst wolves in the nude

Created by: woarboar

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  1. What is Belgium?
  2. What food is belgian but is stolen by the french and prepared competely wrong by the americans?
  3. Brussels is?
  4. Are you american
  5. Are you american
  6. Have you heard of belgium?
  7. Does belgium have...?
  8. Were is Belgium located?
  9. What Is a person from belgium called?
  10. How many beers does belgium have?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Belgium or have you no culture