USA Culture Quiz

How much do you know about American culture ? Thanks to this quiz, in just a few minutes, you will find out ! Have fun because as i always say in class : English is fun !!

I created this quiz for my students but I'm sure anyone can have fun in doing it ! You might be surprised by your score even if you're American ! Do not hesitate to check out how much you know about US culture !

Created by: sandrine of tea_bagels_and_kangaroos
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  1. The population is approximately
  2. The first US president was
  3. The capital of the US is
  4. The largest state is
  5. The most populous city is
  6. The largest minority group is
  7. The Capitol in Washington D.C. is
  8. The KKK is
  9. When it's noon in New York, in San Francisco it is
  10. The two main political parties are
  11. The US is located in South America.
  12. The nearest countries are Canada, Cuba and Mexico.
  13. The US has a federal government.
  14. The US president is elected every five years.
  15. There are 52 states in the USA.
  16. The leader of each state is called a senator.

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