How Portuguese are you?

We've all seen quizzes about Spanishness or Italianness or Brazilianness. But what about the greatest nation in Europe, Portugal? This quiz was made to test all those who believe they are Portuguese or have Portuguese blood.

If you think you can relate to the culture of our great ancestral nation, take the quiz. If you want to test out your knowledge of Portuguese culture, take the quiz. Even if you are a Brazilian or Italian or Spaniard and want to see how Portuguese differ from you, take the quiz.

Created by: Dante
  1. You've eaten linguisa or chouriso on many different occasions.
  2. You have a mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother who has the name Maria somewhere in her name.
  3. How many ways are there to serve bacalhau?
  4. Your grandfather is named Manuel, Jose, Antonio, or Joao.
  5. You dislike Brazilians because they speak incorrect Portuguese.
  6. You dislike the Spanish even more than the Brazilians.
  7. You claim to be a Catholic. You even were baptized and had your kids baptized. But do you go to church?
  8. You have azulejos or some kind of decorative figurine(like a rooster, perhaps?) on your wall or on a shelf.
  9. If you live in the U.S., your Portuguese heritage is Azorean or Madeiran.
  10. You can recognize at least three players for the Portuguese national football team.
  11. You have an older family member who doesn't particularly like people of color even though most Portugal was under control of Arabs and Berbers.
  12. If you are Azorean/Madeiran, you are extremely proud and fiercely fight the implication from mainland Portuguese that you are a peasant.
  13. Regardless of what part of the nation your roots lie in, you are a proud Portagee and love all Portagees.

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