How Portuguese are you, really?

What's bacalhau? Who was Salazar? Is you grandmother named Maria? If you knew the first two and the last one was true, you are probably Portuguese. There are many tests about nationality and heritage, but few of those are about one of the greatest heritages.

Are you trully Portuguese? Do you believe you are? If you think you are, take the quiz. Even if you are Spanish or Italian, take the quiz so people can see how different we are from each other. Or just take it if you want to gain an insight into the world of the Portuguese diaspora.

Created by: Manny

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  1. Do you have a grandmother or great-grandmother who has "Maria" somewhere in her name?
  2. Have you ever eaten molassadas as a desert?
  3. Have you ever eaten linguisa or chouriso? I mean real, Portuguese choriso?
  4. What is your grandfather/father/gret-grandfather's name?
  5. If you live in the U.S., are you a/an...
  6. What is your favorite type of fish?
  7. Do you dislike Brazilians?
  8. Do you know who Salazar was?
  9. Do you know who Camoes was?
  10. How do you feel about the Spanish?
  11. Do you go to church regularly?
  12. Can you recognze a Portuguese football team?

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Quiz topic: How Portuguese am I, really?