How New Mexico Are You?

If you have lived in NM: You know what an Arroyo is. Your high school's name was a Spanish word (La Cueva, Eldorado, Sandia, Manzano...) There is a kachina somwhere in your home or yard. You believe that bags of sand with a candle in them are perfectly acceptable Christmas decorations. Most restaurants you go to begin with El or Los. You price-shop for tortillas. You have an extra freezer just for green chile. Take this quiz to see how New Mexican you really are!

Are YOU a New Mexican? Have you ever eaten Fry Bread? Do you know the answer to Red or Green? Thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out how New Mexican you really are!

Created by: Bob Mosher

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  1. Red or Green?
  2. Has anyone ever thought that you lived in a foreign country?
  3. Which of the following restaurants would you rather eat at?
  4. Have you or your friends/family ever owned a swamp cooler?
  5. Have you ever driven to a casino for 'Cheap Gas Day?'
  6. Choose the statement that best completes the sentence: Las Vegas is...
  7. Have you ever been to Roswell?
  8. Which is scarier?
  9. Where are the Organ Mountains?
  10. Have you ever been to the top of Sandia Peak?
  11. You're looking to buy a house and you find out it's made of mud. Do you?
  12. Have you ever been to McDonalds and ordered a Big Mac w/Green Chile?
  13. What statement best describes Taos?
  14. Have you ever gotten a tax rebate when gas prices go up?
  15. True of False: A dust devil is a brand of vaccuum?
  16. Do you or any of your friends or family speak Spanglish?
  17. Have you ever seen the X Cup?
  18. Springtime means:

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Quiz topic: How New Mexico am I?