How "New Mexican" are you?

Do you think you know enough about New Mexico? Ever been curious about this place? Ever been a trivia buff at least? Take this quiz and test yourself. You may be surprised by what all you know.

The quiz you are about to embark on is 16 Questions long. Please take your time. You'll probably find it to be quite enjoyable. Please...continue on to the quiz...

Created by: Jose Varges
  1. New Mexico was founded in what year?
  2. Billy the Kid is buried in what New Mexico town?
  3. Many people in this New Mexican town claim that a UFO crashed here in 1947. Since then, several TV shows have been created in honor of the event. What city is this?
  4. This small town is known as "the chile capital of the world"
  5. Eastern New Mexico University is located in which of the following cities?
  6. Many New Mexicans have a historical highway that runs from east to west through the state. [Hint: Get your kicks, on ...]
  7. New Mexico is known for it's many warfare technologies. What site is best known for the Manhattan Project?
  8. The New Mexico state cookie is what?
  9. New Mexico is best known for Smokey The Bear. Where is he from?
  10. What is New Mexico's state question?
  11. In cartoons, New Mexico's state bird is portrayed always outrunning a coyote. What bird is this?
  12. Weird Al Yankovic wrote a song about this New Mexico city for his 1999 album "Running with Scissors." Yankovic mocked the city and risked lawsuit.
  13. Where is "Hot Springs, New Mexico" now?
  14. Atari, the company who put out many forms of the earliest video games is said to have created a burial site outside this city.

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Quiz topic: How "New Mexican" am I?