Mexican cultures

This quiz was to see how many people actually payed attention in history because and i hope now you pay attention because if you dont you will fill mighty stupid so pay attention! and you cant fail

Are you a genius i hope you are becuase this test isn't hard but you must no your history on Mexican culture and life! So i perscrobe you to get the history book and study!!

Created by: ZanaiMoore
  1. What was the job of the father in the family?
  2. What was the name of the little villages that townspeople lived?
  3. what were the lower class towns people's houses made out of?
  4. What would poor families sell to make money?(may have more than 1 answer)
  5. Why was it hard to raise crops in Mexico?
  6. The boys in the family would.....
  7. What were one of the pueblo's(cities) named?
  8. Why did Mexican civilians want to go to America?
  9. How did they get across the border?
  10. What were the Mexican American's called if they crossed the border illegally?

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