Ms Wyatt's Unit 1 Quiz

Unit 1 is an introduction to children and families. What have looked at the roles of children throughout history, how to build healthy relationships with children and examined our own personal parenting philosophy.

You think you know everything their is to know about unit 1 in "living and working with children"? Why not test your knowledge to see if you are ready for your in class quiz?

Created by: Ms Wyatt
  1. What is an example of a "wrong" reason for choosing to become a parent.
  2. What is an example of a "good" reason for choosing to become a parent?
  3. What is abstinence?
  4. What is a sign of psychological maturity?
  5. Why is health an important consideration before choosing to become a parent?
  6. Which is an example of a couple who has a solid relationship?
  7. Having a baby changes the way you live. Which couple has a life-style that demonstrates their readiness for children?
  8. Children are priceless, however, they still are expensive. What is the cost of raising a baby in its first year?
  9. According to Maslow's "Hierarchy of Human Needs", what basic needs must be met before a child can develop a good sense of self-worth?
  10. What is a parent's role in raising children?
  11. What is considered a nuclear family?
  12. What is considered a "blended" family?
  13. Ben and Jerry's child's bedtime guideline was 8 o'clock but allowed their child to stay up later on hallowe'en. What parenting style is this an example of?
  14. Ben and Jerry's son Edward goes to bed at 8 o'clock every night, no exceptions. Which parenting style is this an example of?
  15. Ben and Jerry don't have a set bedtime for their children; their children go to bed on their own timeline. Which parenting style is this an example of?
  16. Confidence is a parenting skill. Parents that lack confidence...
  17. People who parent realistically...

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