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There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. You should know a lot about America and it's culture, because it has so many important cultural influence to everybody. If you think that you know something or just want to try your self - feel free!

Are you ready to check your self? We are very gratefull that you spend few minutes of your time. And we hope that you had a great time doing it, because we had!

Created by: POPCulture_students
  1. How many stars there is on the America's flag?
  2. Where is the White house?
  3. In which avenue is Empire State Building?
  4. Which one of these people wasn't Americas president?
  5. What is the other U.S. Route 66 name?
  6. In wich century coca-cola was invented?
  7. The best selling music album of all times in America.
  8. Which of theese famous ladies called "Black panther"?
  9. What is the director of The Godfather?
  10. How many seasons of Oprah Winfrey show has been broadcasted?
  11. What is the real name of Marilyn Monroe?
  12. What is the most famous character of Ed O'Neill for all times?
  13. Which song is featured promently in "Apocalypse now"?
  14. What was the publication date of Jack Kerouac "On the road"?
  15. Book "On the road" was written on the scrool, what length scrool was?
  16. What was the name of Holden's Caulfield's sister name in "The Catcher in the rye"?
  17. What does it mean word "Flit" used in "The catcher in the rye"
  18. What value did the "Easy rider" movie represents?
  19. In which movie Jack Nicolson took a part in?
  20. What was the winner of the best movie in 2012 Oscar's awords?
  21. How old H. Caulfield is when he is telling the story?
  22. Which year "The catcher in the rye" was released?
  23. What is the genre of the "Apocalypse now"?
  24. What is the most known hippies music festival of all times?
  25. Which subculture was created first?
  26. Who was George Denis Patrick Carlin?
  27. Who wrote comic books "The watchmen"?
  28. Who is the Dark Knight?
  29. Which of the following artists doesn't belong to the 27 club?
  30. What is the name of the dog in "The Simpsons"?
  31. Which singer has a nickname "The Boss"?
  32. What is the name of the character of "A-team" who was afraid to fly?
  33. Who created Star Wars?
  34. What is the real name of Barney Stinson from "How I met your mother"?
  35. Who wants to kill Lois in a "Family guy"?
  36. What is the main export of America?
  37. What is the main travelling destination in the book "On the road"?
  38. Which of the folowing artists has lithuanian blood?

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