grandmother to granddaughter

This quiz is about a grandma and a granddaughter. It is also about thier relationship and how they bond or their ways of spending time togetheir. Some people do things togetheir in different places or in different ways.

I was motivated to malke this quiz because i was staying the night at my grandmas house and i know how much i love her, but i wantes to know how other grandmas and granddaughters love each other around the world.

Created by: taylor

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  1. Do u and your grandma or granddaughter spend time with each other alot?
  2. Are you proud to have a grandmother or granddaughter?
  3. How much do u love your grandma or granddaughter 1-10?
  4. If someone asked you if you had the best grangmother or granddaughter what would be your answer?
  5. On wich side of the family do you like the grandmother or granddaughter better?
  6. How old is your granddaughter or grandmother?
  7. How many days out of four weeks do you spend with your grandmother?
  8. Does your grandma sugar you up? Or does your granddaughter make you sugar them up?
  9. Do you think you and your grandma or you and your granddaughter need to spend more time togetheir?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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