Are you easily distracted?

Some people are easily distracted, some arent, but the true easily distracted are known to be distracted by things such as soap, bubbles, and extremely interesting lint.

May you be one of them? Are you even still reading? Are you already distracted by a clock ticking? Find out by taking this quiz, and make sure you are honest, or my grandmother will track you down.

Created by: Kathy

  1. Do you think you are easily distracted?
  2. Have you ever been talking to someone and suddenly not know whats going on?
  3. Do you like shiny objects?
  4. Do people not talk to you sometimes beacause you dont listen?Be honest.
  5. Have you ever been bird watching?
  6. How long is your average conversation with an average person?
  7. Do you daydream?
  8. Does your teacher, boss, or anyone ever yell at you for not paying attention?
  9. Do you get bored easily?
  10. When do you usually wake up in the morning?

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Quiz topic: Am I easily distracted?