Aunts and Uncles of Auttocad

This is a test on Auttocad's aunts and uncles only! Take your time answering and reading each question. How well do you think you know the Medlin and Nase family?

Not all knowledge is worthy. Would you consider yourself a Medlin and Nase genious? Well prepare for one of the final three quizes on the website! Good luck...

Created by: Medlins

  1. Who was considered to be found in the forest by his parents and originally had antlers before having them shaved off?
  2. Who is Auttocad's youngest Aunt?
  3. Who decided to create dozens of spider web-like traps throughout the entire house using hundreds of feet of masking tape, thus making it almost impossible to manuever around the house?
  4. Who is the only person to discover the meaning of Auttocad by using the series ofnumbers in episode 11? (upon this quiz release)
  5. What uncle of Auttocad will be less then a decade apart in age?
  6. What aunt or uncle of Auttocad was born with a thick full head of black hair?
  7. This person once performed in a Rock Band called ATM, who is it?
  8. What aunt or uncle of Auttocad owns a dining room table that costs somewhere between $8000-50,000?
  9. What aunt or uncle once modeled at Madarra's?
  10. Who almost died a week after being born, and had to be flown to the Philadelphia Children's Hospital?
  11. What aunt or uncle graduated from a private christian school?
  12. This aunt or uncle accidentally released the emergency brake in his parents car. It then rolled down a steep hill before crushing itself around a tree, leaving the car totalled, but him or her in mint condition (just a bit shaken up and guilty). Who was t
  13. What uncle does Tara claim is her back-up husband if Ray were to be run down by a trash truck?

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