What Was Your Past Life Culture

You are what you eat, how you act, and, well, basically innately you. But what you do links you to a past life and a specific culture. Which one are you?

So, do you want to prove this life wasn't your first. You want to find a connection between someone you have no cultural background with. Well my friend this is the quiz for you.

Created by: Nicholas DiCola
  1. What sounds best to you?
  2. What's the prettiest?
  3. _______ is a cool dude/dudette!
  4. I...
  5. Please_______
  6. I have______in my mouth.
  7. I sleep...
  8. When I step out of the shower I...
  9. In public I am
  10. This quiz was...

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Quiz topic: What Was my Past Life Culture