What animal were you in a past life.

Even though a past life is not probable you can always pretend-"hey i was a tiger in my past life roar!". This quiz was made so that I can pretend for you, now isnt that just dandy? So now take the quiz and be happy on what you get.

Have you ever had thoughts on your past life? well i havnt so im going to go ahead and make decisions for you i hope you apreciate this if not thats too bad for you buddy.

Created by: AdamS
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you known as lazy and stern?
  2. Are you active?
  3. Are you proud of yourself and often like to show it?
  4. Vegetarian?Carnivore?Omnivore?
  5. Sugar rush?
  6. Follower,leader,or loner?
  7. Teacher or student?
  8. Save the whales!
  9. The fruit juice cup is half full or half empty?
  10. Death to the human intruder?

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