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  • What Was Your Past Life Culture
    Your Result: European

    Ah, Europe, what a snooty land that has every right to be. Your past life culture was European. Wow, Europe, the land of beauty and vibrant history. Hold your nose up high, you deserve it.







    0%African/Native American

    katd13 May 28 '13, 6:02PM
  • WTF.... mutt oh thats nice:0

    Yondaime4 Jul 4 '12, 2:14PM
  • baltic. Good quiz 10/10

    cometcat Jun 27 '11, 8:00PM
  • I got Hispanic n in who were u in the past i got royalty 4 every quiz made by different people

    vanya colette Apr 13 '11, 2:34PM
  • WTF? I'm nothing? Ok then

    Anastasia Sep 30 '09, 12:36AM
  • It said I was Baltic..

    gab Aug 4 '09, 12:53PM
  • Your Result: Nothing

    Well, it appears this is you and this is the only you. You're the first of your cultural line-up... maybe you'll take this quiz in the next life and won't that be interesting.

    wtf ? :o

    astrozombie__ Aug 2 '09, 8:20AM
  • Mutt :o

    SparklingFallenAngel Mar 10 '09, 2:10AM

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