Zuni Quiz

For those who want to test their knowledge of Zuni culture this is the quiz for you. It is a unique experience that our youth have to go to this different culture to share the truth about Jesus Christ with them. We praise our Lord and Savior for inviting people from every tribe tongue and nation to come and worship Him.

We hope this quiz will also help you understand a bit more about where our team is, and who we are working with. We know it is the Lord who opens hearts to receive the Gospel. Pray for Him to do His mighty work through us on this trip.

Created by: Zuni Mission Trip
  1. Zuni is located in which state?
  2. Approximately how far way is Zuni from GBC?
  3. The Zuni people are?
  4. The Zuni people were conquered by the?
  5. Zuni is located in which state?
  6. Approximately how many miles away is Zuni from GBC?
  7. The Zuni people are?
  8. Zuni children take the clan name of their?
  9. Secrete Zuni ceremonies are performed in underground buildings called?
  10. An Important Zuni ceremony called Shalako held each year in late November or early December, invites spirts to bless them, those spirits are called?
  11. Which Spanish explorer found the Zuni people during his search for the 7 cities of Gold?
  12. How can we best help the Zuni people?

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