How well do you know SDA culture

Religions and denominations are know for different theologies. But there is also a culture that lies in too, that nobody else would understand. Certain terminology defines that culture

How well do you know SDA culture. This is a quiz to show the different terms and ways of life that we have. Good luck in taking this quiz. Its for fun

Created by: Vince Bratta
  1. What is Wham?
  2. What is academy?
  3. What is a griller?
  4. What does GC stand for?
  5. What is a haystack?
  6. What is Ben Carson best known for?
  7. Big Frank is...?
  8. What is insight?
  9. Take 6 is
  10. Roma is
  11. Seventh Day Adventists are definitely NOT a...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know SDA culture