Where do you stand in the culture war?

Politics today is more divided than ever before in recent history. The choices we make now can greatly affect the future of human society for the better or worse, depending on your side.

This quiz will hopefully reveal which side of the culture war you stand on. You either want culture to go back to the good old days, or you want culture to advance past our old norms.

Created by: Evan

  1. Do you believe that there are only two genders?
  2. Can someone change their gender?
  3. Should race be a factor in employment? Should there be diversity quotas in government and business?
  4. Do you thing that decreasing average testosterone levels in men is an issue?
  5. Patriotism is stupid
  6. Immigration policy
  7. People are too soft today
  8. We should have the right to bare arms
  9. Gender stereotypes are learned
  10. A masculine man is attractive and a feminine woman is attractive

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Quiz topic: Where do I stand in the culture war?