How Peruvian Are You?

Are you a TRUE Peruvian or just another tourist? Do you know some of the iconic types of Peruvian cooking, or just what you saw on The Emperor's New Groove? This test will tell you how well into the Peruvian culture you really are!

Whether your'e a Peruvian or just think you know the culture well, this test will tell all! It spans across culture, references, food! No cheating!(That includes asking your Peruvian friends for answers!)

Created by: Christine

  1. Peru...What first comes to mind?
  2. Has your mom ever made papa a la huancaina?
  3. QUICK! Pick a mountain range!
  4. You reach for your favorite soda in the fridge...What is it?
  5. Have you seen/practiced any of the following: Marinera, Festejo, Hauyno...
  6. Do you practice any of those yourself?
  7. What played in the car/house/parties while you were growing up?
  8. Dad brought dinner hope it's...
  9. No cheating! Which group is native to Peru:
  10. Ceviche is...
  11. If there's one thing about Peruvians, we love...
  12. Red noses...goofy outfits...what did you think of?
  13. Problem in your marriage? Gotta see...
  14. You find another Peruvian...
  15. Which of these is not like the others?
  16. Finally, for the final test: Arriba, abajo...

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Quiz topic: How Peruvian am I?