Welcome to the EasterTimeSpecial Quiz. How do you think you will do? There are only a few questions which are entirely based on the events of the arrest, death and burial, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. What better topic at any time of the year to test whether your knowledge of this key event is up to scratch. The questions are in NO particular order.

Are you possessed with Biblical Brilliance? Do you have an unequalled knowledge of the facts surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? If the answer is yes - you are in for a treat! Give this Quiz a try and test yourself....!

Created by: Cynthia
  1. Where was Jesus arrested?
  2. What did Jesus say when He was accused?
  3. Who was compelled to carry the cross of Jesus?
  4. What question did Jesus ask God as he was dying?
  5. What happened in the temple at the point when Jesus died? (Be specific)
  6. Which of Jesus' disciples betrayed him?
  7. What happened to the servant of the high priest?
  8. What is the name of the High Priest to whom Jesus was taken?
  9. Who was the Roman governor in charge at that time?
  10. What is the Biblical name for "The Place of the Skull"?
  11. What animal reminded Peter of his wrongdoing?
  12. What was the name of the criminal released instead of Jesus?
  13. Jesus was given a drink. What was it?
  14. Why were guards placed at the tomb of Jesus?

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