The ultimate pop culture quiz

Ha ah, you think you know pop culture well you might be right. But I don think you can get a one hundred. This quiz will test your knowledge on the world around you.

Don't be alarmed there shouldn't be any questions that you can learn in school. This quiz will test your knowledge on what you've seen. I hope you do well... Mostly

Created by: Don Pablo
  1. How much does a spoonful weigh?
  2. The first robin was whom?
  3. This game makes you use an animus to view your ancestors?
  4. This popular food chai makes Mexican pizzas
  5. Fifth elder scrolls game was...?
  6. Wheres [.....]
  7. Jimi Hendrix sang foxy what?
  8. Led [........]
  9. This bands name is similar to utility.
  10. This popular game involves clan wars?
  11. The ninja turtles names
  12. In community, what is troy and Abeds tv show that they made?
  13. Does the Simpsons song have lyrics?
  14. In how I met your mother, does the gang sit in the same order at the bar?
  15. Is Peyton manning a football player?
  16. Is Lynyrd Skynyrd a band
  17. Winnie the what?
  18. Is Elmo a real character
  19. What is Crossy road
  20. What gaming station is animal crossing for? (The original)
  21. Who runs the comic book store in the Big Bang theory?
  22. What is links weapon usually at the end of the game?
  23. Are duracells real batteries?
  24. Name one character in community.
  25. Name a character in the Simpsons.
  26. Fly like a butterfly and...
  27. Which is a perl jam song?
  28. Does the office theme have lyrics?
  29. Is cheers a show?
  30. Which is a flaming lips song?
  31. What game was dan paladin a part of?
  32. What country made Nintendo?
  33. Gibson makes what?
  34. Who played Harry potter
  35. Where do the Simpsons live?
  36. Who sang war pigs?
  37. What band sang "just what I needed"?
  38. Expo makes what?
  39. What does weird al do?
  40. What is soccer known as in every country except America?
  41. What are the names of the gang in how I met your mother?
  42. Who played General Custer in night at the museum 2?
  43. The Tennessee what?
  44. What company is famous for their trucks.
  45. Who was at the chocolate factory?
  46. What genre would ac/dc have been in?
  47. Which of these is a car insurance co.?
  48. Chef who, makes ravioli.

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