Rap Quiz: Test Yo Knowledge!

Hip-hop is an evergrowing culture. From its early inception to now, hip-hop has now become the fastest growing culture and has expanded its reach across the globe.

You obviously think that you have some knowledge in rap if you clicked on the link and want to take this quiz. Let's see if you played yourself or not.

Created by: Michael O. of Rap Quiz
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  1. What's 2Pac's birth name?
  2. When did Nas release his critically-acclaimed debut album, Illmatic?
  3. Who was the sixth founding member of N.W.A.?
  4. Who is NOT a member of A Tribe Called Quest?
  5. Who made the seminal album, It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back?
  6. Who is the person who popularized the term "wavy"?
  7. Who is considered to be the "Godfather of Gangsta Rap?"
  8. Who created the critically lauded album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?
  9. Which is NOT an actual gang?
  10. Which member of N.W.A. gained notoriety for assaulting Dee Barnes?
  11. Which rapper dropped the Grammy-nominated diss, "Back 2 Back"?
  12. Which rapper was NOT born in New York?
  13. Which is not an aspect of hip hop?

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