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Equestrianism is ranked one of the most dangerous sports with over 200 equine related deaths every year. Thus quiz will test your knowledge about everything horse related.

Have you got the knowledge to get 100% at this quiz? How well do you really know your equine stuff. This quiz ranges from coat colours to famous horses. Good luck.

Created by: Freya
  1. How many pairs of ribs do Arabian horses have?
  2. Which breed can only be registered if fully black or fully black with a small star on the forehead?
  3. Which of these isn't a real coat colour?
  4. What colour ribbon would you tie around a horses tail at a horse show so signify that the horse is a stallion and may be dangerous?
  5. Where is the poll located on the horse?
  6. How many chestnuts does a horse have?
  7. How many types of trot are there?
  8. Hoe many breeds of horse are there?
  9. Which type of saddle does not exist?
  10. The Anglo-Arabian is an Arabian crossed with what other breed?
  11. English riders do what main disciplines?
  12. Secretariat, Ruffian, Eclipse, Phar lap and Frankel are all famous horses for there sport... What breed were they?
  13. What was the colour of John Whittakers famous horse Milton?
  14. Which of these is not a breed?
  15. Where is the ergot located on the horse?
  16. What is the meaning of fizzy?
  17. Where do Friesians originate from?
  18. How many beets does a canter have?

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