how well do you know horses?

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There are alot of people who claim they know horses but alot of them lie. What is a REAL horse lover? It is a person who knows almost everything about the horse behavior and what to do with them.

Are you a REAL horse lover? Do you think you know everything on horses? If so, take this test that will test you on your knowledge on horses. Take my word for it, you

Created by: ImTheHorseLover

  1. If a horse is a male but cannot breed, what is it called?
  2. If a horse's blanket is all white and it's eyes are blue, what is this blanket called?
  3. What do you call the female baby of a mare?
  4. What is the scientific name of the horse?
  5. Which breed below is the oldest breed?
  6. Which is the smallest pony breed?
  7. What is the BEST position to ride a horse? (English Saddle)
  8. What is horse equipment called?
  9. What should you never do when you are taking care of a horse?
  10. Can horses be crossed with a zebra?
  11. Last question (fill in the blank) When you ride your horse, your position is called an ____.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know horses?