What equine breed are you?

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This quiz will tell you what equine you are most closely related to. Perhaps you are a unicorn or a donkey. You'll find out by answering some weird questions :3

Are you a unicorn, pegasus, horse, pony, zebra, donkey, or... ? Do you think that maybe... you're not an equine at all? Find out with this retarded quiz!

Created by: FrozenWind
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your favourite colour out of the following is:
  2. Pie.
  3. Choose an animal.
  4. Your personality is closest to:
  5. Amount of GOOD friends.
  6. Choose a random food:
  7. If you had a pet horse... would you name it...
  8. Doodoodoodoododododooodoopooloopboop
  9. Pick a letter you like:
  10. How was this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What equine breed am I?