How Much Of A Pop Culture Nerd Are You?

Pop Culture Is A World For Some People. There Are Shows That Show And Critique Clips From Other TV Shows And Media Sources, Like The Soup, Best Week Ever, and more. I Am One Of Those Media-Obsessed People.

But-- Are You? I Have Devised A Cunning Quiz Of Grueling Questions To Test Even The Most Knowledgable Of People. Should You Be Of Equal Knowledge As Me, You Will Receive A Message!

Created by: madison
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  1. Do You Watch Pop Culture TV Shows?
  2. What's Disco Duck?
  3. Who Won The First Season Of Project Runway?
  4. On Family Guy, Why Did The Evil Monkey Turn Evil?
  5. Who Is The Lead Guitarist For Dethklok?
  6. Finish This Movie Quote And List What Movie It's From: "If you can dodge..."
  7. Who Is The Artist Behind "The Farside"?
  8. Who Is The Artist Behind "The Farside"?
  9. Where Did The Munsters Live?
  10. Where Do The Jeffersons Live?
  11. On Futurama, What Happens To Fry's Brain Slug?
  12. In The Film Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas, Who Freaks Out While Trying To Get Off A Merry Go Round?
  13. How Did Blues Guitarist Robert Johnson Die?
  14. How Did Blues Guitarist Robert Johnson Die?
  15. What Were Jim Jones's Last Words?
  16. Now, The Ultra Superficial Question: Who Called Lindsay Lohan A Fire Crotch?
  17. Who Directed The Whites Stripes Music Video, "Fell In Love With A Girl", A Video Made Almost Entirely Out Of Legos?
  18. Who Performed The Song "The Cold Song"?
  19. Who Stars On The British The Office.
  20. Who Performed Rock Lobster?
  21. Who Is Amy Sedaris?
  22. Who Is The Main Character Of Twin Peaks?
  23. What Did Whitney Houston Say The Most?

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Quiz topic: How Much Of A Pop Culture Nerd am I?