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Pop culture is a big part of the world right now! I decided to create this because I wanted to see if people share my passion for entertainment. I love catching up on my favorite celebrities.

Do you think you know your stuff? Well put your knowledge to the test! This quiz has questions from movies to shows to music and all things popular! Give it a try!

Created by: Liz
  1. Who wore a meat dress to the MTV awards?
  2. Who's real name was Destiny until she changed her name to her infamous nickname?
  3. What show did Demi Lovato meet Selena Gomez on?
  4. What is Madonna's daughter's name?
  5. What Jonas Brother married a girl named Danielle?
  6. Who's last name is Sebert?
  7. What show did Adamo Ruggiero become a star?
  8. What part on Glee does Chris Colfer play?
  9. Who sang "Hold My Hand" with Micheal Jackson?
  10. Who played the part of Megamind in 2010?

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