Saphira's Faith and Destiny

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Welcome to Wolves' Valley. Mostly wolves live here, but their is plenty of animals for the wolves to eat. I made this story up but more than half the credit goes to Erin Hunter with her Warriors series.

Here some wolves r mythical, some aren't. But the mythical wolves and regular wolves don't fight cuz both know it's unfair. Yet the packs of the same type can battle. In this story ur in a mythical wolf pack called StarFall

Created by: Wolflover435
  1. -surroundings, edge of pine forest, with a hunting party of 6 wolves. Saphira, ShadowFang, Sunny, Draco, Storm,( all grey female wolf) and DarkMoon (all black female wolf with a light blue crescent on chest)
  2. "Ok storm wat is the plan to get the caribou?" I said. " we r gonna split up into pairs. Got it?" Storm replied. "First off, Saphira with Sunny. ShadowFang with DarkMoon. Me and Draco will be together." I looked at Sunny and he looked back with a hungry grin. Then I looked at him from top to bottom. He was rlly big and strong. The other wolves said I was the biggest female wolf. So I guess Storm paired us up like that. Then I looked back at Storm. She said "ok so Saphira and Sunny, u 2 will be catching and killing the caribou. ShadowFang and DarkMoon, u 2 will be chasing the caribou to Saphira and Sunny. Me and Draco will lead them towards Saphira and Sunny. Got it?" I replied saying "great plan Storm, great plan to get food."
  3. Me and Sunny flew off to where Storm assigned us and just waited. "Do u think we will catch a lot of caribou Saphira?" Sunny whispered. I looked at him and said "if we work together, we may catch a lot. Plus they say we r big and strong. So maybe." Sunny then jerked his head back to position and said in an even quieter tone. "Listen I hear them coming." I moved my ears to the way he was looking and got ready to run and pounce. I heard him getting ready too. We waited hardly breathing. Then finally a whole herd of caribou came our way. As the plan went, Storm and Draco leading and ShadowFang and DarkMoon were chasing. Then the caribou gotten closer and closer... Then me and Sunny ran out to get the caribou.
  4. The caribou had no where but forward, so they kept going. I thought -this is gonna be easy- Then I jumped and snarled at the herd leader and killed it in seconds by a bite to the neck and twisting. Soon the whole herd stopped moving and circled around the calves and big but not big enough calves. Soon enough each of us got one big caribou, so Storm commanded us to leave the rest and take wat we killed. I dragged my kill and bit around the neck and held onto the spine with my claws. I started flapping my wings. I had little trouble getting in the air. I flew but I flew slow because of the heaviness of the caribou.
  5. Sunny caught up with me and said "do u want to switch caribou? We can switch back when we get there, so u can show off ur kill." I looked at him and said but since I have something in my mouth it sounded more like this. "I don't nee help, I got thish." He raised an eyebrow and flew ahead to admire Draco's kill. I kept flying and carrying. Then my caribou gotten lighter than before. *wat the... Is it pooping or wat...* I looked down and saw ShadowFang helping me out. He had his caribou on his back. I rolled my eyes and let go of the neck and said "I don't need help, I got this. Sunny asked if I need help. But I declined. So I am gonna decline ur politeness." He let go and I had to grab the neck fast or else it would lose grip. "Ok then call me if u do need help." He flew ahead. Soon I saw the pack.
  6. I was alittle behind so I silently flew down without the others knowing. I landed in front of the entrance to the pack cave, home. I looked back and saw them dive too. I entered and dropped the caribou in the food pile. Then the Alpha Male, Baron, came up to us as soon as the others put the prey down too. "Good job, all of u, and thank u for bringing the bigs ones instead of small dear." He nodded to each of us and walked away. Then I said "I'm going to the den." Each of them answered by sayin "alright then." Or something close to that. Half of the patrol followed to the den. Then we passed the mothers and pups den, or nursery. The mothers nodded to us, and I cud hear all the pups saying something like "awesome I want to be a huntin, warrior like them!" I smiled a bit and still walked. I got to the warrior den, entered, and plopped on my sleepin spot by the wall. Draco went to the opposite wall, his usual sleepin spot. DarkMoon, however layed down by me, and asked "Do u like one of the male wolves?" I looked at her, then lookin on the ground, sayin "I don't know, I never thought about that." "Oh, well I never thought about it too, till yesterday, thinking about the days where males will be chasing our tails, or the other way around..." I nodded an agreement with wat she said. "Those days r coming soon, very soon." Then she got up and layed in her usual spot, in the middle. I watched as she went, I cocked my head, confused. Thinking, why did she bring that up and just leave? I lifted my shoulders and soon fell asleep.
  7. I woke up and looked at all the warriors, still in there same spots. I looked out of the den, then got up and stretched. I walked out lookin at the inside of the cave. This was the perfect place to stay. There was rooms for every class! Warriors, alphas, betas, mothers/pups, and novices. Then I thought of the new novices comin up after the new season comes. Then I gotten hungery and forgot all that stuff and thought of the food. I grabbed a small deer and carried it back. Everyone started wakin up. I laughed a little as they did the same thing. I offered to share and only the females cared to share.
  8. Sunny came back with a medium sized deer, the other males were following afterwards. No matter wat I do, Darkmoon's thought kept comin back to my mind. I shuttered, I soon shook it off. Storm got up and licked her lip area and said "I'm gonna go see if any of the alphas or healers have anything for us." Everyone nodded and went back to eating. I rolled over to let the others have the rest. I layed on my back, with the top of my head also on the ground. My top lips were hanging low so u cud see my fangs. I cleaned my lip area and teeth. I closed my eyes and sat like that for some time. I got up and layed my stomach with my head on my paws. I soon heard paw steps. I flicked my ears to the entrance. Storm looked at all of us and said "well the alphas have nothing for us, but the healers do." I nodded and got up. She moved her head, which gave the signal to follow her. I thought about all the wolves that usually came along, Draco, Sunny, Shadowfang, Darkmoon, me, and Storm. We have been like best friends. How we were just born hours, minutes, 1-2 days apart. Makes me smile on how our little pack gone from being born.
  9. Sorry guys but I got to end it here.
  10. Pick a male warrior that u thought is cool, nice, smart, whatever just pick a male u like!

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