Are you an Otaku?

Who doesn't love anime and manga? However, how much is too much? If you often find that anime and manga are constantly on your mind, then you might be an otaku, but there's only one way to be sure . . . take this quiz! :D

Are you a fan of anime? Manga? Do you often find yourself watching or reading for hours without a break? Are you an otaku? Well, let's take this quiz and find out! ^-^

Created by: Anime is so my color ;)
  1. Quick! Pick the word you know the meaning of! :D
  2. Pick one! ;)
  3. L is . . .
  4. Do you watch anime subbed or dubbed?
  5. Do you own a set of manga volumes?
  6. Where do you watch your anime?
  7. Pick one! :D
  8. Goku is . . .
  9. Pick one! ^-^
  10. Do you speak Japanese?

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Quiz topic: Am I an Otaku?