What anime should you be from?

There are many cool and wonderful animated out there and We've all wondered "Which should I love in?" This quiz includes Bleach,Fruits Basket,Full metal Alchemist,Tri gun,Soul Eater,My Little Monster and Death Note.Enjoy!Very first quiz

It is okay if you don't like your result.See other anime in your results you have great chance at getting.Plus,this quiz isn't accurate.Test this quiz out!

Created by: Sweetlover23
  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. What job do you want?
  3. What are some personality traits of yours?
  4. Role Play Time.You go into the store what do you buy?
  5. Somebody is getting bullied,What do you do?
  6. A murder is chasing you What do you do?
  7. Do you have any bad or weird habits?
  8. Favorite type of food out of these.
  9. Favorite animals
  10. How are you with your followers?
  11. Favorite Category below.
  12. Do you like nature?
  13. Do you care when people beat you at something?
  14. Favorite taste in your snacks?

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Quiz topic: What anime should I be from?