Are YOU A Real Anime Fan?

An Anime Fan is one who enjoys anime and manga in all it's forms. A lovable Japanise drawing style with such a heavy fanbase, what more to love? Also, this quiz DOES NOT ask questions relating to a certain anime as not EVERYONE has watched Death Note or Naruto. Your Welcome!

Are you an Anime Fan? Here you can find out! These questions were made so all people can recive acurate results. So let's get to it! Answer every question, please.

Created by: Grace

  1. What is the difference between an Anime Fan, an Otaku, and a Weeaboo?
  2. How many Animes have you watched/Mangas have you read?
  3. How do you read a Manga?
  4. Can you draw manga?
  5. Can you speak Japanise?
  6. Dub or Sub?
  7. Are there any anime-related things in your room?
  8. Have you ever cosplayed?
  9. Did you like my quiz?
  10. Thanks for taking my quiz!

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Quiz topic: Am I A Real Anime Fan?