Unraveled in love.

Ok here we go my first quiz lets just hope it isnt crappy. Ok so I'm starting of Anime with Tokyo houl if you havent watched I suggest you do only if you are of age.

I'm a sucker for anime and I also am in love with creepypasta. I am a friend of Peculiargirl1 and she wanted me to do the rest of her quizzes she's had a really hard time but she didnt give me the password....Sorry P going rogue.

Created by: laylahmckenzie12
  1. The curious......They say she was a binge eater who got in the deepend. If you hear her whistle you know there is no escape so where did she go?
  2. "____! Wake up! Your gonna be late for work!" "Jeese Touka!" You said rolling out of bed. You looked in the mirror. Your sickly pale complexion looked at you. Your blue hair was tucked behing your ears. And your green eyes stared at you. You havent eaten in days. You had a shower and got into clothed and tied your hair into a side pony tail and you walked out of the room. "Took you long enough....Let me gues you havent eaten?" You shook your head. "I'll cover for you tonight" She turned around to walk down stairs.
  3. By the time you got down stairs Touka was working away. You grabbed a pen and paper and walked to two boys that are about your age. "Hi welcome to Anteiku can I get you anything?" They both looked up. One of them had spikey orange hair and brown eyes with redish headphones around his neck. He was definitely an extrovert. But the person next to him was totally different. Black hair and grey eyes but none of them were ghouls. "Just coffee....." said the introvert. You wrote that down. "two cups coming up" "do you have a boyfriend?" "what?" The extrovert said. "Do you have a boyfriend?" You shook your head. "I'm Hideyoshi the book worm is Keneki" you werent paying attention. A familiar face that you saw. A fellow binge eater and she was looking right at the Keneki person. "___" you muttered and walked to the counter not taking your eyes of Rize.
  4. After Anteiku closed. You went upstairs. Your stomach growling. You got into jeans and a purple hoodie. It was time you let the Curious out.
  5. CCG report: Family of three dead. Neighbours report female figure in puple hoodie and jeans with a white cracked mask with black eye holes and nose and a mouth of almost smile. Kagune: Rinkaku. Your POV: That was my first ever kill as the curious. I normally change disguises due to the fact that my Rinkaku never change from black and red. But I am now the curious one the worst renowned ghouls in tokyo.
  6. You were fully fed the next morning and you were alot happier. You got to work before an annoyed Touka would tell you off again. You walked down the stairs. That day seemed to go faster but that was until Hideyoshi came in.
  7. "Hi ___!" "Hi.....Hideyoshi? can I get you anything?" "Just a cofee. want to join me?" You paused thinking. "My breaks in five minutes" You said. After five minutes you got changed and went downstairs Hideyoshi was still there. "Wheres your friend?" "Keneki? Oh he's in hospital.." "What happened?" "He was attacked by a ghould he had to get his organs replanted he should be fine......" You zoned out of conversation. "What about Rize?" "Rize? She didnt make" You were relieved. "Thanks for the cofee ____, but I've got to get going" You waved until he was out the door.
  8. You decided to go out again later that week. You snuck out the window and went into an alley. There was a ghoul eating he didnt notice you yet. There was footsteps in the distance you stayed into the shadows incase it was the CGG. But the unexpected happened it was Keneki. "Im sorry kid you cant eat any" Tears streamed down his cheek. The man was about to ask when a Bikaku Kagune plunged in him. "This is my eating grounds" He demaded he was about to attack Keneki when you Kagune blocked him. You got out of the shadows.
  9. I decided the Curious should be a mute but I had to stop the ghoul killed Keneki. His Biaki couldnt make it through your Rinaku. "Shouldnt you be nicer four eyes?" The attacker turned around.
  10. Well thats part one done I hoped you like it. If you are interested in the Naruto anime comment if you want one.....Even though i will anyways bye

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